SAFAR Film Festival

Film Festival Trailer

The Arab British Council return to London’s ICA in 2016 to present the SAFAR film festival, the third time this unique showcase of contemporary Arab cinema has run, screening films that are (and we quote from the eloquently written kickstarter campaign page) “singularly defiant of stereotypes, social taboos and self-censorship.”

We were asked to produce a short trailer to be used on the fund raising campaign, social media channels and also to be played before each screening.

Our approach was simple, with a very geometric approach, large bold type and big blocks of colour. This was more an exercise in traditional graphic design and layout than animation but it was nice to ‘go back to basics’ and focus on the fundamentals of grids and typography and then bringing it all to life in After Effects.

This isn’t a style we have played with before but I think we may be hooked, basic design theory… it’s a beautiful thing.