Youtube Promo

We were asked to create a short promo for the upcoming single ‘Empire’ by Delta Heavy. The promo should encapsulate the essence of the artwork and provide a punchy dynamic accompaniment to the bass mad audio bed.

Having spoken to the band at length about the audio and the significance of the strong defining triangular symbol within the artwork, a storyboard was drafted up along the idea of a portal. The portal would start off slowly emitting shards of matter and then gradually, individual letters from the band logo would form and float out into the city scape. When the music drops, these letters would form the logo briefly before loud pulses of audio send the pieces flying and pulsing to the beat.

Sped up sequences and sections in black and white were created and edited to work with the chaotic nature of certain parts of the audio bed. Glitch effects and glows play with the uplifting synth notes at the beginning of the piece and a slower more graceful transition into the album artwork was created for the last scene of the promo.

The promo is currently live on Youtube and is getting a lot of positive feedback from fans of the band (even if the language is a little NSFW in most instances).