Axel Dangerson

Character Animation

In 2016 I signed up for the School of Motion Character Animation Bootcamp. I had some experience with character animation in the past but very limited and nothing I was overly proud of.

This course taught me everything from the basics of a simple jump all the way to combining movements and animating an entire scene. Upon completion of the course we were given a rigged character, three scenes laid out in After Effects and a soundbed to use in creating a trailer for the new hit Axel Dangerson movie using everything we had learned.

This trailer is something I am incredibly proud of and I am now a huuuge fan of 2D character animation. I highly recommend checking out School of Motion, especially the Character Animation Bootcamp.

In the meantime, why not grab some popcorn, pull up a comfy chair and prepare to get your ass kicked by the awesomely awesome, Axel Dangerson!